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Our ambition is to accelarate your research. With Yixi Bio, researchers just need to focus on their experiments and let us take care about the data analysis; students can enrich their knowledge through our Frontier series and improve the theory and their practical skills via our lessons and assistance.
Alongside the Frontier series, we also cover the fundamental biology in our Concept series which also adapt to the lastest updates! Moreover, we try to make our Concept series as intuitive as it can be, so to lower the barrier for people with less relevent background.

Data analysis is nowadays the core of a research. To accelerate your research, we are offering data analysis service for your expermental data, whether its biological or medical.

Interested? contact us directly here, or send an email to yixi-bio@yiximeta.com.


Our concept series reviews the foundamental findings of biology and is designed for everyone. Find and watch or listen to the topic you are interested in, and if it has not yet been posted, just leave us a message. We will try to include that in our following updates.


With the frontier series, you can discover the lastest update in different disciplines of biological research, including but not limited to neuroscience and cancer research.

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We are preparing our own biomedical lab in Europe. This lab is aimed to provide on-demand NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) for non-medical purpose and storage services of genomic data in our secure databank.

At Yixi Bio, we not only broadcast the findings and knowledge in the field, But also give support to people that work in biology or biomedical research or organisations in this field. Thanks to Yixi Solution, you can get help on levelling up your knowledge either by personalised lessons directly provided by us, or by enrolling yourself in the course(s) we have found for you.

We also offer financial support to help you realise your ideas. And we guarantee that our contribution will be less than 25% of the total capital your organisation have. So you keep the control of your business, while also have enough room to build up a better diversed shareholder structure.